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Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Week 1: Epistemology: is the study of the ways in which knowledge is produced. Epistemologistys do not take knowledge as the starting point rather knowledge and its production becomes the object of inquiry. It involves assumptions about three things: 1. the knowner 2. the known 3. the process of knowing Feminist epistemology: no value free research. - social markers inform the research and the way knowledge is produced - the knownerknowprocess are interconnected - knowledge has a history, is situated and is power. It emphasizes social change and social justice and equality. Positivism: that the researchers feelings introduce errors in observation. Quantitative method. Process of interpretation: data interpreted through mathematical procedures. Subjectivity is an obstacle to knowledge. Feminist critique of positivism: claim there is a social truth out there waiting to be discovered. That positivists assumption that the data directly support its hypotheses. Feminist standpoint epistemology that knowledge is not produced based on pure objectivity Knowledge is not produced from an objective place Every knowledge produc
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