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University of Toronto St. George

Mar. 17th Notes Monday, March 17, 2014 6:11 PM Week 11 Titan and his Rivals in Venice Final exam April 10th 7-9pm MS2158 Paper due in class Mar. 31st and on • About 3 artist, Titan… o Looking at connection between the three • Titan lived a long time, lots of fame, setting artistic precedence for others Titan, Portrait of La Schiavona • Very early on, Titan is engaging in artistic theory, discussions • Split see form, central Italian school (Michelangelo) compared to the Venetian mode of painting demonstrated by Titan • Central Italian school focus on Disegno (drawing, act of drawing, draftsmanship) • Venice, is the idea of color (colore, colorito --> the act of coloring) • Titan, what drives his painting .. Sculpture o Linear quality to the figures he creates o Elements of Disegno is something traced back to difference in material used in painting o Mixture with egg, tempera painting, use the whites, dries quickly --> use with tiny brushes with hair fine strokes, building up color with line like brush strokes --> belief in excellent drawing (disegno) crisp sharp outlines, comes out of medium o Colors of Italian painting is very bright, very hard to blend colors into each other, so very many places with pure colors • Venetian painters take oil painting and do different things o Under coating of pure color and can mix colors --> richer tones, highlights o Layering colors, light reacts with the oil itself (light shines through it --> dalmation women, seen in clothing/shoulders) painters exploit it to make it show depth o Different veins and colors in marble --> oil painting can create many effects and different colors (the paint quality) o Overall concept of painting is design --> the figure and compositions o How these different materials have an impact on different painting Titan, Danae --> height of his career • At beginning, his competition was Gorionie (killed by plague) • He works also on international field (worked for patrons in Rome) --> Alessandro Farnese • Worked in the intellectual world --> mythology, sensual theme • Titan taking erotic themes, use oil paintings to create sensual female nudes • Topic of Danae, Her father locks her away because of prophecy, but Jupiter finds her in the form of golden rain and gets her pregnant • He shows the moment before it happens, themes of anticipation • Small cupid on the right helping Jupiter • Soft treatment of the body, can only be done through oil painting • Subject allowed his to show his skills in oil painting that he excels in Titan, Venus of Urbino • Working with the same model, genere o See evolving in his oil painting --> straight and precise figures, Danae has more freer brush strokes, see the brush strokes of the paint brush, show physical softness of figure Copy of Michelangelo's Lost Lefa and the swan and Pontormo after Michelangelo, Venus and Cupid • Pontormo is a central Italian, traditional approach to color, worked with Michelangelo • Copy, was created by Michelangelo, original lost, see how Michelangelo deals with female nudes by looking for ways to distinguish himself from Titan o Very tightly controlled figure study--> has a lot of pent up energy, have a sculptural quality shown through the persistence shown through the line 3 different artists' approach to female nude and erotic mythology • Michelangelo's was considered scandalous, shows them in the moment, in the act • Leonardo's version, emphasis on after the act with hatching of the eggs --> more about demonstrating his mastery in created an idealized female form • Titan is closer to Leonardo --> softness of the shadows and figure --> Michelangelo's is more sculptural, clear lines • Michelangelo's female figures were more masculine --> idea of creating an idealized female form --> also looked at antiquity to find the ideal female figure (classical) o Michelangelo imagines the ideal female form through the male form --> religious sense, Adam was first created, Eve created sin --> male form as the ideals, classical standards of male beauty • Michelangelo's reaction to Titan's painting o Did praise Titan for his softness of his figures, but said it would have been perfect if he knew how to draw • Dolce • What makes a painting great is the application of color, is what makes painting what it is --> should be looking at color for how we judge what is best o Rivalry between Michelangelo and Titan --> drawing vs. color Titan, Pope Paul III with his grandsons (unfinished) • Capturing the physical sense of the subjects • A response to a painting a generation earlier by Raphael's Portrait of pope Leo X • Painting of a person and a painting of a persona --> a person of power • Titan does better than Raphael, creates shimmering surfaces on the pope's gown and velvet and he adds an extra dimension to the image o Raphael capture the Pope in the moment reading a manuscript, looks very posed, not a lot of interaction between figures o Titan's adds interaction between figures, and adds expression to Pope's face (about to smile) --> skill in adding interaction among subjects) Titan, Emperor Charles V • Working at international stage • Commemorate his victory at the Battle of Muehlberg (a religious battle) • Looking at the Marcus Aurelius's equestrian statue (a great Rome statues) --> reused in equstrian statues that represented people that didn't have the same status of emperor, here the status matches • Advantage to painting to sculpture is the a
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