HMB342H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Odds Ratio, International Nomenclature Of Cosmetic Ingredients, Attributable Risk

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23 Apr 2015

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5d: death disease, discomfort, disability, dissatisfication. 3) criterion: can predict directly observable phenomena. Valid & reliable : accurate & clustered ; not valid & not reliable: inaccurate (off center)& scattered. Valid: avg of all = original, reliable: cluster close. Unreliable measurement: when same sample gives diff results: recalibrate/ correct and retest. Abnormal: statistically unusual, clinically sick and treatable. Sens: snout (- pv) with disease with + test. , specif spin (+pv) w/o disease with test. Accuracy: tp + tn / total. Absolute risk: incidence of outcome in initially healthy person (cases/ pop/ time) Attributable risk (ar) risk difference (rd)- incidence due solely to exposure inc (exp) inc (non- exp) Relative risk: risk ratio: how many more time exp have disease relative to unexposed inci(exp) / inci (non- exp) # needed to expose: 1/ risk diff 1 / inc (exp) inc (non- exp) [inc (exp) inc (non- exp)] x prev of exp or (p)(ar) p prev for risk.

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