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HMB202: Practice exam questions practice exam questions for 2010 MC + SA

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Human Biology
William Ju

HMB202 Practice Questions from Dr Ju December 2010MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one answer that best answers the question 1 Whatphrase best describes the LaLonde report A Health is defined by the absence of disease B Mental health is more important than physical health C Lifestyles choices are important determinants of health D Chronic diseases are primarily due to genetics 2 You are in a great mood after your HMB202 final exam and want to keep your mind preoccupied with things from class You notice the latest Statistics Canada report on Health Trends which compares results from the last survey released in 2000 What would you MOST likely see from this latest report A Life expectancy for males decreased B Overall mortality rate decreased C Infectious diseases were the leading cause of mortality D Mortality due to coronary heart disease increased 3 What does NOT affect females more than males A multiple sclerosis B major depressive disorder C Treacher Collins syndrome D osteoporosis 4 What characterizes malaria A prevented by Vitamin DB best prevented by immunizationC caused by malarial schizonts in Anopheles mosquitoesD treated with chloroquinone5 What statement concerning measurements of health as related to being overweight is CORRECT A BMI is a measurement that takes different types of fats into consideration B The waist to hip ratio can be used to determine if someone has metabolic syndrome C The waist circumference divided by height is a good estimator of obesity D There is a significant difference in obesity levels between girls and boys in Canada 1
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