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RLG241 Tutorial 5 Rough Notes

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John K

Compare Peter carefully with the other gospelsIdentify the ways these accounts differ from one anotherHow does each gospel represent responsibility for Jesus executionPay attention to the role of the crowds or people the role of Pilate the role of the priests and in Luke and Peter the role of HerodWhat accounts for the differences in representationGospel of PeterJews incriminated for the death of Jesus nd Possible because written in the 2 century where an antiSemitic slant was a common theme among Christian authors during this time periodKing Herod appears to play an active role in Jesus crucifixion 2 notion of Jewish responsibility and blamePurpose of Gospel of Peter is to place the blame of Jesus death on the Jews but contrastingly one can see that in verse 5 there is an importance towards observing the Sabbath laws in that the sun must not set on one that has been killedDifference of representation can possibly arise from the time period within the historical context each gospel was written in10 Jesus is not portrayed as openly suffering he is silentJesus ascension into heaven is described as occurring And the Lord cried out My power O power you have left me behind When he said this he was taken up At that time the curtain of the Temple of Jerusalem was ripped in half 1920Gospel of Peter represents the Jewish people as openly realizing that what they did to Jesus was evil Example verse 25 Then the Jews the elders and the priests realized how much evil they had done to themselves and began beating their breasts saying Woe to us because of our sins The judgment and the end of Jerusalem are nearVerse 46 Pilate places the blame of Jesus execution on the Jewish people this notion is further highlighted when Pilate says that he is clean of the blood of the Son of GodVerse 45 it is actually established by the people who put Jesus to death that he was in fact the Son of Godask about verse 48Verse 52 further antiSemitic slant They were afraid that the Jews might see them and they said Even though we were not able to weep and beat our breasts on the day he was crucified we should do these things now at his crypt Verse 50 shows antiSemitic slant in the sense that the Jews were portrayed as angry but at the same time there is evidence of people still observing Jewish customs and traditions in relation to the fact that Mary Magdalene and so she had not done at the Lords crypt the things that women customarily do for their loved ones who dieVerse 58 shows observance of Jewish customs in relation to it being the final day of the feast of unleavened breadVerse 5 and he delivered him over to the people the day before their Feast of Unleavened BreadGospel of Peter Jews blamed for execution authority figures actively want him put to deathFocus is on Herod playing an active role in Jesus execution not Pilates passiveness Strong Jewish blameresponsibility for Jesus death Pilate agrees to keep silent says it is their fault
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