SOC250Y1 Quiz: Protestantism and Capitalism Weber

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12 Jan 2012

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The distinction between virtuoso and heroic religiosity and mass religiosity. Weber recognized that for most people religion is not a full time preoccupation. Most people want religion to be there for key events but then there are the few who are deeply spiritual and intensely preoccupied with spiritual questions. Charisma- religious charismatics typically responsible for initiating new movements because of their deep spirituality they typically find something inadequate with the existing religion they will conceive new ways. Weber comes up with the idea that religious history is largely the situation where you have charismatic figures that create or transform religious traditions, pick up followers; their message becomes the new tradition (cyclical pattern) Weber says you need charisma to challenge tradition because things are set up to preserve. Reason why extraordinary traits of charismatics are needed to attract followers and challenge tradition. Charisma: extraordinary traits of character, personality charisma is a force that ruptures or challenges tradition.

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