WDW101Y1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Group Dynamics, Liberal Democracy, Ordnungspolizei

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17 Apr 2013

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Challenge for political democracies, how they will react. 2 vital obligations: prevention of social disintegration-purpose of having state is to prevent social disintegration, allow the public to voice and express their dissent, how they are being governed. It has been times when they were not balanced. War measures act as a way of preventing social disintegration. the ability to assembly was compromised. The use of police authority and capacity to establish a legitimate equilibrium between governmental and societal, collective and individual, rights and interests in a mass demonstration of grievance. Tactic of police and methods are being critised of police. 3 category of tools of police that they can implement. The law- all of the legal instruments that police have at their disposal. Criminal and civil status, emergency measures-ex. war measures act, particular injunction ( going to courts)- police moving protestants, road closures. Even if you just think of the permit to have a demonstration or a parade.

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