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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2300
David Lamari

FinalLecture 1The Roman StageOn StageTheatre chariot races and gladiators are the main spectacles o Chariot races and gladiators were the most important and then theatre was least popularTextbook doesnt say theatre was the most common of the three spectaclesThere were 176 days set aside for spectacles 102 had theatre dominant 64 had chariot races and only 10 of the days were gladiatorial combat dominantAll 10 gladiatorial combat days was in DecemberGreektragedy and comedyRomanseveryone went to these festival days o Men woman slavesOnce the Romans contacted the Greeks Roman performances started to adopt Greek theatreWhen RomansJews wrote a play they wrote it in GreekEventually Romans began to write in Latin and then set the plays in Greece o All of these plays occurred in a religious contextStatus of Actors and PlaywrightsThese people were infamescouldnt be in the upper classProduced play to be soldinfameIf you wanted to write plays and not become infame then you have to do it without monetary gainThey tended to be foreigners slavesrecently freed slavesThe first thing they did with their money was to distance themselves from this infame careerThe aristocrats hosted these spectacles Status of TheatreWall paintings could be admired but couldnt be bought or that would be considered infameTragic mask on paintingsgobletsdecoration of upper class housesPeople reproduced spectacles in order to show people that they hosted these games and then middle classes did this tooTheater of Pompey 55BCBuilt a theater on top of a temple so he said this was rennovations and then people started to build theatersTheater of Marcellus Semicircle theaters and a very narrow stage then a huge backdrop CaveseatingOrchestraDancingVIP seatingPulpitum prosceniumThing in front of the scene Narrow stageScaenathe Scene large wall of sceneryMasksGreeks used masks to indicate emotion and then status of actor EG king slave st Romans didnt use masks until 1 century BCRoman masks have mouthpiece to increase the actors volume o Profs suspicionfind characters repeating things again and again maybe because Roman audiences were very noisy o Whereas Greek audiences listened very intentlyCostumes also indicated charactersRoman characters in comedy son father mother slave who fools people girlfriend etcMusicLots of hornsMusic was much larger in Roman theater than Greek theaterPlays would begin with an overtureOrchestra plays between ActsThere was lots of singing during Roman playsIn between plays there are acrobats magic and short entertainmentsTragedy and comedyNo Roman tragedy has survivedTragedy depicts sufferings and the actions of great individuals o Must have a downfall tho 19 centurytragedy about middle class peopleComedycomedy o Plautus20 survivedStarted plays around year 200Plautus was not RomanWas one of the first to write in LatinPlays are always set in GreeceA lot of slapstick jokes fast paced crazy twists of fatePlotvery contortedVery great playwrightPlot is usually about a guy who falls in love with a slave girlTerrence 166160 BC6 plays survivedNew plays are gradually not produced anymore o Similar to operaMore mature of a writer
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