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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B
Victoria Digby

Chapter 1 Organizational Behaviour and ManagementSeptember14091144 AMWhat are organizationsSocial inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effortSocial inventions the coordinated presence of peopleGoal accomplishment organizational survival and adaptation to change are important goalsGroup effort interaction and coordination among people to accomplish goalsWhat is organizational behaviourThe attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizationsHow organizations can be structured more effectivelyHow event in the external environment affect organizationsWhy study organizational behaviourHow much do you know about organizational behaviourGoals of organizational behaviourPredicting organizational behaviour and eventsExplaining organizational behaviour and events in organizationsManaging organizational behaviourManagement the art of getting things accomplished in organizations through othersEarly prescriptions concerning managementThe classical view and bureaucracyearly advocated high specialization of labour intensive coordination and centralized decision makingFrederick Taylor Scientific Management using research to determine the optimum degree of specialization and standardization of work tasksMax Weber BureaucracyStrict chain of commandDetailed rulesHigh specializationCentralized powerSelection and promotion based on technical competenceThe human relations movement and a critique of bureaucracyHawthorne studies 1920s to 1930s illustrated how psychological and social processes affect productivity and work adjustmentHuman relations movement advocated management styles that were more participative and oriented toward employee needsContemporary management the contingency approachRecognizes that there is no one best way to manage and that an appropriate management style depends on the demands of the situationWhat do managers doManagerial rolesInterpersonal figurehead leadership liaisonInformational monitor disseminator spokespersonDecisional entrepreneur disturbance handler resource allocation negotiator MOS 2180 Page 1 negotiatorManagerial activitiesRoutine communicationTraditional managementNetworkingHuman resource managementManagerial agendasAgenda settingNetworkingAgenda implementationManagerial mindsHerbert Simon and Daniel IsenbergInternational managersGeert HofstedeSome contemporary management concernsDiversity local and globalEmployee organization relationshipsFull time full year employment is replaced by part time contracted employmentA focus on quality speed and flexibilityRequire employee involvement commitment and teamworkEmployee recruitment and retention MOS 2180 Page 2 100125 Ch 89January25101133 AM MOS 2180 Page 3
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