ADMS 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Independent Contractor, Precarious Work, Labour Power

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ADMS 1000 Full Course Notes
ADMS 1000 Full Course Notes
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Employment: a relationship between an employer and an employee involving an exchange of labor power for something of value as wages or benefits. Independent contractors: seek contract work for tasks but not hired. Partners in a business: share ownership with two or more. Temp workers: temporary work no contract sent by agency. Volunteers or interns: volunteer is unpaid always, intern can be paid but is there for experience and training. Regular, full-time hours - vulnerable or precarious work. A lifetime career/employer - part- time, temp, contract work. Health benefits - lower pay and job security. Guided by government regulation -not as much social protection. * vulnerable or precarious workers: individuals who perform work in a nonstandard employment relationship. Must comply with employment standards such as minimum wage, overtime pay, etc. Must pay unemployment insurance premiums, cpp, and other deductions. The role of bargaining power in the employment relationship. Government and unions should not interfere in business.

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