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Midterm 1 Straight from lectures & texts

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York University
CRIM 2652
Amanda Glasbeek

Professional Police Model3RsRandom Patrolpatrol cars and watch system which makes citizens feel safer Rapid Response Reactive Investigation slow reactive fallible distancingnot effective and patrolling officers are rarely present reliance of technology is not relyingcomputers and such can increase the distance of the crime Citizen response time as key new models of policing have emerged closing the gap between the police and the communityneed to develop community relationsReactive rather than proactive Effectiveness to place more officers on the street Blindfolded Maiden1 Virginal untouched untainted pure 2 Blindfold blind to Difference 3 Weighing Justice to balance justice race social network status does not matter to herofficial version of law these ideas hold our system together to tell us what our system is about Bow Street RunnersLondons first professional police force they were similar to the theiftakers men who solved crime for moneywore uniforms and their authority was paid by the majestry they dont patrol looking for crime their jobs were to arrest people and their authority can extend beyond the community and where they started and the policenot professional police forces Police force took a long time to emerge in Britainpolice force does emerge earlier in other European countries Civilian Oversightpolice monitoring over the civilians Community PolicingMeant to restore policing to a community function or to ensure that the police maintain contact with and accountable with their daily practises with the community that they serve Community policing is a vague term with no specific meaning Community policing is in the eye of the beholderwhatever people mean in the concept is now the predominate approach in societyits not a thing but an organizing principleits a declaration of goals or a way of setting priorities or values for the policethe goals are to prevent crime and enhance the quality of life but the focus of community policing is the accountability this is supposed to be achieved through a partnership of the key community ie neighbourhood watch programsneighbours set up programs in alliance with the police to try to prevent crime foot patrolputting police back to their feet instead of their cars coproducing safety where the community and the police could work togetherpartnershipsbalance between police and communitythe citizens are suppose to be the first line of defence and the police respond to problems that are identified by community mattercommunity defines the problems and how police responsepolice should be prepared to take directions from the communityLaten refers to the shift from the thin blue line to the thick blue line stresses policing for and with the community to make the police more accountableCrime Control Modelfocuses on the cjs as a way of protecting society through reducing the amount of lawspresumption of guilt to get rid of the not guilty ones and to keep the guilty ones in the ones who
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