KINE 2050 Study Guide - Final Guide: Kurtosis, Sampling Error, Analysis Of Variance

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Statistics- data used to make judgment (decision) about a situation: descriptive - polls and survay. Equal points or units of measurement assigned but 0 is a value, so: interval, ratio- measures the distance from 0 (zero means nothing) therefore comparisons can be made, ex 50kg is half of 100kg. Independent variable- the one that is controlled or manipulated. Dependant- the one we see how it is effected. Ungrouped- each value has its own group (frequency of 1, 5 times/ frequency of. Grouped- values are put into intervals (frequency of 1-3, 17 times. Look up #of intervals for that n on the chart i=(biggest value- smallest value)/ # of i. Normal distribution = bell curve (mean = median= mode) Bimodal= 2 modes (usally when you have 2 characteristics ) Positively skewed- someone grabbed the positive side and stretched it (an extreme big score) Measures of central tendency meant to tell us where bulk of score lies.

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