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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4420
Mark Cummings

Relaxation notes Final 4112012 95700 AM Chapter 2 Immune SystemControlled by pituitary glandComprised ofWBC plateletsLymphatic systemSpleenThymus glandBone marrowLymph has valves but no venous pressure so its based on muscle movementNonspecific defense mechanisms prevents penetration of its external shieldThickening of skinGastric aciditySweeping movement of ciliaSneezingcoughingSpecific defense Bone marrowproduced Blymphocyteso Blymphocytes produce Immunoglobins antibodies o Tlymphocites are produced in bone marrow but develop in the thymusThymus glandsecretes hormones that influence lymphocyte production o Larger in childrenSpleenserves as blood bank o Acts as a large lymph node filtering lymphatic fluid hosting lymphocytes and phagocytesLymphatic systemvessels that transport lymph fluido Vessels lead to lymph nodesglandso Lymph nodes produce large amounts of lymphocytesphagocytesCell typesfunctionsMacrophageo Digest antigens dispose of dying and damaged cells o Remove inorganic particles T Lymphocyte o Tumor killing activity o Recognize infected cell o Modulate antibody production by B LymphB Lymphocyte o Produce antibodies that dissolve pathogens or coat them for easier identification by macrophage Natural Killer Cells o Can seek and destroy tumor cells with or without additional activationSuppressor T Cells o Tells other cells to stop the immune response once antigens are destroyed How to control immune systemNerve fibers from the brain o Directly influence thymusspleen neuralHormones o Brain stimulates pituitary gland to make hormoneso Regulate immune cell functionNeuropeptideso Travel in blood and change activity of other cells in the process of combating infectionno one system or organ controls immune systemIf macrophage cannot eliminate antigenimmunological functioning i Identification of antigensscouting 1 Macrophage digest antigens 2 Tells other of invaders ii Amplification of defensesdefense strategy1 Macrophage secrete interleukin1 that activate helper T 2 Helper T goes to spleen and lymph nodes to secrete interleukin2 which stimulates TB cells to multiply 3 Natural Killer T cells multiply iii Attackoffensive strategy 1 Macrophage attack antigens 2 TB identify or attack iv Return to normal operationgame over
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