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Motivation and Emotion This is the Lecture on Motivation and Emotion, for more information read Chapter 10 IN THE TEXTBOOK "Psychology themes and variations". This is very useful for the midterm coming.

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PSYC 1010
Myriam Mongrain

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Lecture 10 Jan 4 2010 Motivation a DefinitionNeeds wants interests and desires that propel people in certain directionInvolves goaldirected behaviour b Maslows Model laterLack of food motivation to eatgo to a restaurant behaviourIsolation Motivation for social contactcall friendNeed for successmotivation for good gradesstudy hard Behaviour is sometimes indirect Eg The way females dress not for sex can be for recognition and attention 1 Physiological needs survival80 of world population 2 Safety and security needs long term stability survival70 3 Belongingness and love needs affiliation and acceptance40 4 Esteem Needs gain recognition5 Cognitive needs knowledge and understanding 6 Aesthetic needs order and beauty 7 Need for self actualization realization of potential 10 If first needs are not met other needs are not going to be met either Insecurities will form and motivation lowered Criticisms of Maslows model o Do lower needs have to be fulfilled for the higher to operate o Is the order universal Or are there individual differences o Needs for autonomy need to be in control o What about power and aggression o What about altruism and the need to help other people Social Motives a Need for Achievementsimilar to esteem needsWant to accomplish goals desire to excelWanting to succeed trying hard b Need for affiliationWant to be with othersWant to be accepted by others winning friendsBelonging to a group not about strong relationship builtPreserve social harmony not the quality of relationships
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