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PSYC 1010
Gerry Goldberg

ConsciousnessConsciousness is the awareness people have of themselves and the environment around themThe level and state of consciousness vary Different states of consciousness are associated with different brain wave patterns Brain waves are tracings that show the kind of electrical activity going on in the brain Scientists use an electroencephalograph or EEG to record these wavesThe main types of brain waves are alpha beta theta and deltaSleepTypes of biological rhythms include circadian infradian and ultradian rhythmsEndogenous biological rhythms originate from inside the body rather than from the outside environmentBiological clocks in the body regulate the sense of timeThe suprachiasmatic nucleus regulates circadian rhythms of sleepDifferent theories suggest that people sleep to conserve energy stay safe from predators or restore body tissues depleted during the dayResearchers use EEGs EMGs EOGs and EKGs to record sleep patternsThere are five stages of sleep At each stage different types of brain waves function and heart rate breathing and temperature varyDuring REM sleep heart rate and breathing become irregular eyes move rapidly and muscles relax Dreams are most vivid during REM sleepSleep patterns change as people age with most people needing less sleep as they get olderSleep disorders include insomnia narcolepsy and sleep apneaDreamsSigmund Freud believed that dreams allow people to express unconscious wishes He said the manifest content of dreams or the dreams plot symbolizes the latent content or hidden meaningThe activationsynthesis theory proposes that neurons in the brain
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