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Chapter 6 Gender and ClassHistory1800sSerious constraints on what women could doThey could be mothers and wivesNo education whatsoever for women except finishing school for upper class womenVictorian AgeWomen were supposed to take care of the houseUpper class was women who did charity no house work dainty No education for men only1900s20 of women in the labor forceSingle mothersMinoritiesPoor womenMost went out of necessity1940s and 1950sWomens roles didnt changeThey were needed to make stuff for the warPropagandaan attempt to persuadeRosie the RiveterWe can do itMade it every womans duty to support the warpromised them excellent childcare and it was an exercise in patriotismWomen role was to stay home and care for house and childrenConsumer goods and appliancesTraditional home modelEsquire magazineDirected toward working womenWorking women who are also married are a menace and have to be stoppedAfter WWIIWomen pushed out quicklyANOTHER propaganda campaign to get women back in the homeNews reels Child Care
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