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Self-Assessment 1: 9/25/2013 This self-assessment covers these topics: • Business Process • Information Systems and Organizational Strategy • Data, knowledge management, and business intelligence • Information systems within organizations • E-business 1. An Information system refers to something more than Information Technology (IT). What are the typical additional components of an information system other than technology? People, how they use technology, and follow a particular business processes 2. What do we mean by the term “information silos”? Why do information silos occur in a business? What is bad about information silos? How can businesses overcome the problem of information silos? When information isn’t shared across divisions of company. Organizational bureaucracy, and sloppiness/inefficiency Overcome by communicating with cross-functional managers, and used integrated systems/platforms that people can access information from the integrated database platform according to their role. Assigning role bases access to the platform. 3. How does an enterprise resource planning system bring value to a business? Enterprise resource planning system integrates all functions of one firm onto one platform and provides role-based access to detailed information. Solves communication issues between teams=value 4. Draw the Porter’s five forces framework. Describe how IT impacts the 5 forces in an industry of your choice. Rivalry- cutting edge technology, what happens to customers, rivals, and substitutes? (wiki) 5. Explain the organizational strategy of deriving competitive advantage through differentiation. Provide an example. Describe how a business can uti
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