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1) Audi’s “Doberhuahua” Superbowl 2014 Commercial: 2) Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful”: • Is the commercial designed for branding purposes alone or is there a marketing/call-to-action purpose? Explain. The commercial “America the Beautiful” is designed for branding purposes. Coca-Cola is representing a salute to diverse cultures of Americans throughout the country and saluting them with the Coca-Cola moments they share. This is a form of branding rather than marketing because they aren’t marketing a specific Coca-Cola product but instead they designed a commercial to show how the brand has been a proud part of bringing families and friends together for 127 years. It shows how Coca- Cola is diverse and that it is a brand for anyone to enjoy. • Does the commercial attempt to evoke a specific emotion for the viewer? If so, what emotion? Why? Yes, this
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