COMM 101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Zip Code, Imagined Communities, Heterodyne

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Mass media, semiotics, magazines, advertising, media ownership, media effects, cultural studies, media law & regulation, history of broadcast, mass media. Mass media- the cultural industries that produce and distribute cultural products such as news shows, tv, magazines, ads, music, film products that have shared meaning for large numbers of people. Mass communication- the production and delivery of mass cultural products and messages through media channels. Communication- symbolic process to convey information and meaning. Representation- the assigning of meaning through language and in culture. Media literacy- understanding the political influence on media, commercial forces on media. Popular culture vs. mass culture- popular culture has a. Common culture- must be deeply felt, commonly intelligible, widely accessible c. contrived or imposed- work deliberately setting out to win favor. Where as mass culture involves voluntary experiences produced by a relatively small number of specialists. Mass culture shapes habitual audiences, around common needs or interests and is made for a profit .