COMM 122 Study Guide - Final Guide: Institutional Review Board, Justin Bieber, Thick Description

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Interviews: individual in-depth and focus groups, monday march 13th. Ethnography: the study of people and cultures in natural settings. Trying to get it as natural as possible. In critical/ cultural media studies, the study of peoples engagement with media: production, audiences. Going to a bachelor viewing party would be a natural setting. Shifting from what media says and how people use and make sense of the media how people make media too. Circuit of media tells us that text isn"t the only site of meaning. People put meaning into text when they are creating it. In depth individual: formally talking to audience and producers. 1: focus groups: tap into social aspect of media engagement. Putting people together and seeing how they interact: participant observation: going into a natural context and observing and engaging. You would go in on the sidelines or participate in paris is burning culture. **all of these can be used in combination**