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Chapter 10

Personality Chapter 10.odt

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Carleton University
PSYC 2600
Elizabeth Nisbet

1Psych 2600PersonalityChapter 10Psychoanalytic Approaches Contemporary IssuesThe Neo Analytic Movement Westen 1998 Defines contemporary psychoanalysis as being based on the following five postulates 1The unconscious still plays a large role in life although it may not be the ubiquitous influence that Freud held it was 2Behaviour often reflects compromises in conflicts between mental processes such as emotions motivations and thoughts 3Childhood plays an important part in personality development particularly in terms of shaping adult relationship styles4Mental representations of the self and relationships guide our interactions with others 5Personality development involves not just regulating sexual and aggressive feelings but also moving from an immature socially dependant way of relating to others to a mature independent relationship styleImagination Inflation Effect a memory is elaborated upon through imagination leading the person to confuse the imagined event with events that actually happened Ex having a person imagine something as unusual as shaking hands with mickey mouse can lead them to have false confidence that it actually has happenedA Closer LookSpreading activation model of memory that holds that mental elements are stored in memory along with associations to other elements in memory Constructive memory memory contributes to or influences in various ways adds tom subtracts from and so on what is recalled Confirmatory Bias tendency to look only for evidence that confirms their previous hunch and to not look for evidence that might disconfirm their belief
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