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Chapter 10

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PSYC 2800
Amanda Helleman

Chapter 10 part 2 p 335350 ANATOMY OF LANGUAGE AND MUSIC Processing LanguageResearchers have wondered whether the brain has a single system for understanding and producing language or whether different languages are processed in different ways Uniformity of Language StructureThe similarities among human languages are actually far more fundamental than their differencesHumans have a built in capacity for creating and using languageHuman language does have a genetic basisThe complexity of language is not related to the technological complexity of a cultureChildren acquire language through a series of stages that are remarkably similar across culturesIf children learn two languages simultaneously both are represented in the same part of Brocas areaCreolization the development of a new language from what was formerly a very rudimentary language Distinct Cortical Areas for Second LanguagesChildren generally find it easier than adults to acquire more than one language and to speak each one with a native accentThere was a difference between childhood and adult acquisition of the second language in the activation in Brocas area but not in Wernickes areaAs infants learn languages Brocas area undergoes modification according to the nature of the languages being learned Localizing Language in the BrainPaul Broca concluded that language functions are localized in the left frontal lobe in a region just anterior to the central fissure o A person with damage in this area is unable to speak despite both an intact vocal apparatus and normal language comprehensionThe discovery of Brocas area was significant because it initiated the idea that the left and right hemispheres might have different functionsPeople who suffer Wernickes Aphasia can speak fluently but their language is confused and makes little sense as if they have no idea what they are sayingMessages are sent from Brocas area to Wernickes are through a pathway the arcuate fasciculus that connects the two regions
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