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MANA 362
Aaron Dresner

Chapter 1The Challenges of HRMHuman resources management HRM an integrated set of processes programs and systems in an organization that focuses on the effective deployment and development of its employeespeople are importantHRM Processes and Activities 1 Organizational work and job designdetermining what tasks need to be done in what order with what skill and how individual tasks fit together in work units 2 Planningensuring that people in organization are the right people with the right skills at the right time in the right place 3 Recruitment and selectionsourcing attracting and hiring people with the necessary skills and background 4 Training and developmentproviding the resources to assist employees in developing the necessary knowledge and skills to do their job today and in the future 5 Performance managementensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms in place to provide feedback to employees on a regular basis 6 Compensation paybenefitdeveloping and administering pay and benefits programs that will attract and retain employees 7 Occupational healthsafetyensuring that the safetyhealth of employees are maintained 8 Employee and labor relationsensuring that there are positive and constructive relations between the employees and their supervisors or managers andor union representativesNew Emerging Trends 9 Organizational development and learning an extension of training and development 10 Highperformance work groups or teams an extension of job design 11 Flexible work arrangements ways to engage employees and address demographic issues 12 HRIShuman resource information and management systemsImportance of Line ManagerLine manager is key link between employee and organizationLine manager needs knowledge and understanding of HRM and how systems and practices influence the success of the organizationHelps you understand roles and responsibilities in managing employeesPeople have always been central to organizations but their strategic importance is growing in todays knowledgebased industriesDirectly responsible for o a product or service o determining work and job design o Making hiring decisions o Coaching and developing employees o Promoting health and safety o Reviewing performance1Role of the HR ProfessionalHelp equip the line manager with the best people practices so that the organization can be successfulProvide service activities such as recruiting and trainingActive in policy formulation and implementation is such areas as workplace harassment healthy work environment and change managementCan be an employee advocate by listening to employee concerns and ensuing to fulfill their role by actively involving others in the organization particularly the supervisors and managers in the development and design of HR programsResponsible for o Aligning HR strategies with business strategies o Delivering services eg recruitment o Strengthening employee contribution to corporate productivity o Managing changeRelationship between the Line Manager and the HR PractitionerEvery managers job is managing peopleSuccessful organizations equip their line managers with a thorough understanding of HRMHR professionals help the line manager be a good people manager by providing advice as well as direct servicesCombining expertise of HR professionals with the experience of line managers can develop and utilize the talents of employees to their greatest potentialHR provides guidance and assistance or help design and deliver internal programs and servicesCurrent Business Challenges Facing Organizationsthe ImpactGlobal Economy creating pressure for managers to effectively manage people o Globalization moving local or regional business into global marketplace o Impacttrade agreements and global marketso Effect on HRMbalancing a complicated set of issues related to different geographies cultures laws and business practicesSurvival of FirmsBusiness Sectors focuses on maximizing utilization of employees o Labor costs are one of the largest expenditures of any organization o Downsizing the planned elimination of jobs must be well designed to work well o Outsourcing contracting outside the org for work that was formerly done by internal employees The small business owner saves money timeresources o Employee leasing employees are let gothen hired by a leasing company that contracts back with the original company o Great Recession has created conditions where some companies have gone and continue to go bankrupt o Manufacturing sector particularly the auto industry has been reduced considerably o More government intervention to stimulate the economyTechnologyQuality enabled organization to focus on qualitycustomer o Technology has enabled companies to improve processes and change operationsOperational Impact Focus on customer satisfactionInternet has revolutionized our ability to accessuse info Influence of social networking Facebook etc 2 ECommerceEnhancing services to line managersemployees Virtual workersHRIS systems SAP PeopleSoft a technology system that provides data for purposes of controldecision making o Quality initiatives key to customer retentionBenchmarking finding the best practices in other organizations that can be brought into a company to enhance performanceISO 9000 TQM worldwide quality standards programSix Sigma a process used to translate customer needs into a set of optimal tasks that are performed in concert with one another catches mistakes before they happenEnvironmentClimate Change creating both threatsopportunities o More attention is being paid to the health of our planet o While old industries may be losing employment opportunities new businesses are emerging with new careersHuman CapitalTalent Management o Human capital the individuals knowledge skillsabilities that have economic value to an organization o Managers need to ensure that employees have developmental opportunities to increase their capabilities o Core Competencies combination of knowledge skills and characteristics needed to effectively perform a role in an org produce sustainable competitive advantage if they are valuable rare not easily imitated and nonsubstitutable o Talent management leveraging competencies to achieve high organizational performance o HR Practices to attract keep and engage employeesLeadership developmentSuccession planningCareer planningPerformance managementHighpotential employee developmentLearning and trainingCompetency managementRetentionProfessional developmentDemographicEmployee Concerns o Diverseaging workforce with an increased participation of femalesGender accommodation 83 females 2544 thus flextime etc o Different generations working sidebyside with differing valuesexpectations o Diverse backgrounds immigrants 70 of labor force growth o Shortage of labor in the not too distant future o Work landscape is changing with more parttimeselfemployed people o Employees have more rights o Changing nature of the job o Changing attitudes values and customs of people o Ethics and privacy o Balancing work and family 3
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