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CHEM 181
David Harpp

MINERALS pages 149154 MILK AND CALCIUMMilk is the only substance we consume that evolved with the sole purpose of serving as a foodDebate o Organizations such as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM the AntiDairy Coalition and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA that maintain that milk is bad for you and also that cows milk is for calves o Organizations such as the Dairy Association and various independent researchers claim that drinking milk contributes significantly to good healthOf course there are conflicts of interest the Dairy Association looks out for milk producers and promotes the sale of milk and milk products Antimilk groups are trying to further their animal rights and vegetarian agendasBoth jump on any study that backs their cause and dismiss any that does notMilk stands accused of contributing to heart disease stroke breast cancer prostate cancer ovarian cancer diabetes allergies stomach cramps diarrhea autism mucous production and bone fractures But it is also linked to reducing heart disease breast cancer colorectal cancer and bone fractures o Antimilk arguments often begin with the observation that no other species except humans drink milk after weaning But thats not all that humans do that other species do notHeart disease IS more prevalent were dairy consumption is high but these countries also have a diet high in TOTAL saturated fat While milk does have saturated fat it can be avoided by drinkingeating lowfat dairy productsProfessor Peter Elwood of the University of Cardiff tracked 400000 a
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