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CHEM 181
David Harpp

PRESERVING WITH RADIATION pages 222225David Corbin chairman of the Sadex Corporation ate spinach inoculated with O157H7 E coli that had been electronically pasteurized irradiation with a beam of electronso This technology can prevent food poisoning in ready to eat foods Radiation is the propagation of energy through spaceo Examples light coming from a light bulb heat coming from a radiator basking in the sun getting an xray receive Cobalt60 treatment for cancer Cobalt60 treatment radiation is in the form of gamma rays generated by the spontaneous decomposition of atoms of Cobalt60This is known as radioactivity Basically the benefitsrisks can be evaluated only based on the type of radiation and extent of exposureo Visible light unlike gamma rays or xrays does not have enough energy to break chemical bonds therefore it cannot harm youo Xrays can cause significant changes in moleculesBut this still depends on dosage Ie single chest xray not so bad continual CAT scans can disrupt normal cellular activity When it comes to irradiating foods this is the effect that we want As early as 1905 patents were issued for devices that used xrays to kill bacteria in food Later gamma emitters and electron beam generators were developed and by 195
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