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Curriculum and Instruction
EDEC 248
Lerona Dana Lewis

TEEL: A WHITE EDUCATOR’S ONGOING JOURNEY TOWARD COMPETENCE  awareness of white privilege & of racial inequities shifted dramatically Influences on my Thinking  teachers with racial & cultural competence = teachers who embraces students from all backgrounds as equals & who work to understand, support, guide & encourage them  mindset of rigid, ignorant views grows out of lack of familiarity & knowledge of other cultures  a childhood without diversity  not exposed to people of colour  early years of teaching  principal warned her about integration of African Americans  doctoral studies  realized did harm to students she had low expectations of My Research  low achievement of African American students was to a large extent result of kinds of teaching materials & strategies used by their teachers  alternative teaching strategies o noncompetitive, effort based grading system included emphasis on effort, improvement, cooperation, participation & quality of work o multiple performance opportunities that took into account student interests & strengths o increased student responsibility & choice with leadership opportunities for students to serve as TAs o book choices in a reading program that included validation of cultural heritage  alternative teaching strategies extremely effective in raising students’ confidence & motivating them  resistance regular, discipline was quite a problem  had very little in common with African American students/families  perceptions of African
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