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Chapter 7

MATH 123 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Sample Space, Conditional Probability, Empirical Probability

Mathematics and Statistics
Course Code
MATH 123
Sidney Trudeau

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MATH 123 – Linear Algebra and Probability
Chapter 7: Sets and Probability
Sets are collections of objects.
We introduced the following set operations:
1. Complement (𝐴′ is the set of elements not in 𝐴);
2. Intersection (𝐴 ∩ 𝐡 is the set of elements belonging to both set 𝐴 and set 𝐡);
3. Union (𝐴 βˆͺ 𝐡 is the set of elements belonging to either set 𝐴 or set 𝐡 or both).
Applications of Venn Diagrams
Tree diagrams and Venn diagrams can define and study concepts in set operations as well as in
We introduced the following terms:
- Experiment (an activity or occurrence with an observable result);
- Trial (a repetition of an experiment);
- Outcome (a result of a trial);
- Sample space (the set of all possible outcomes for an experiment);
- Event (a subset of a sample space).
Introduction to Probability
It is possible to compute various probabilities using some of the properties of probability.
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