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Chapter 5

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McGill University
Management Core
MGCR 331
Emma Vaast

10242011 100300 AM Chapter 5 Moores law Fast cheap computing and what it means for the managerI IntroductionComputer industry is driven by 2 words FASTER and CHEAPERMoores LawChip performance per dollar doubles every eighteen months Applies to chipsbroadly speaking to processors or the electronics stuff thats made out of siliconMicroprocessor The part of the computer that executes the instructions of a computer programin 18month the next generation of microprocessor will be twice as fast for the same price according to Moores law Randomaccess memory RAM The fast chipbased volatile storage in a computing deviceThe RAM inside your personal computer is volatile memory meaning that when the power goes out all is lost that wasnt saved to nonvolatile memory ie a more permanent storage media like a hard disk or flash memory Think of RAM as temporary storage that provides fast access for executing computer programs and files When you load or launch a program it usually moves from your hard drive to those RAM chips where the processor can more quickly execute itFlash memory Nonvolatile chipbased storage often used in mobile phones cameras and MP3 players Sometimes called flash RAM flash memory is slower than conventional RAM but holds its charge even when the power goes out For RAM chips and flash memory Moores Law means that in eighteen months youll pay the same price as today for twice as much storage Chips are solidstate electronicsSolidstate electronics Semiconductorbased devices Solidstate components often suffer fewer failures and require less energy than mechanical counterparts because they have no
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