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PHIL 237 - Animal Treatment: Week 1

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PHIL 237
Sarah Stroud

Matheny1Some animals are sentient2Entities that are sentient have at minimum the interest of painaversion3Some animals have an interest in painaversion4All like interests receive equal weight regardless of who possesses the interest5All actions that cause much animal suffering without greatly benefiting humans are wrong2 Is painaversion a true interest inandof itself In humans it is arguably instrumental to the interest of happiness which is a separate and distinctly encompassing concept It may be easy to prove sentience in animals but it may be more difficult to prove happiness in them 4 The device of an interest independent of either a subject or an object has no intrinsic value Kant An object in and of itself also has no value without a subject or a connecting relation of inclinationinterest Therefore the concept of value must originate wholly within the subject This means that the subject must have some influence in the determination of valueRebutt yes its true that inclinations taken out of the subjectobject relationship posses no intrinsic value But this lack of intrinsic value is universal ac
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