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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Franks, C.E.S., The Parliament of Canada (1987) pp.3-34. Introduction: Parliament in Age of Reform  Unknown functions of parliament; o Recruiting and training political leaders o Political communication  Argument: reform of parliament is not simply a technical matter of making parliament more effective and efficient. It is a question of how the power is to be used in Canada and how viewpoints succeed or fail at influencing political choices and outcomes  Argument: parliament has two modes of operation – adversarial (question period and debates) and consensual (committees)  Argument: severe problem with role and position of MPs in Parliament (mostly party discipline)  Argument: parties are strong within parliament, but they are weak outside (hard to gain allegiance  Argument: parliament is under severe stress because of the growth of government  Argument: communication through the media plays an important role in explaining and interpreting in Canada  Argument: Parliamentary system works better than most believe and write Approaches to Parliamentary government  Groups: federal politicians, parties, interest groups, public servants and provincial governments  Each group has its own biases and concerns  Media are a crucial part of representative government, because provide most of the information to citizen
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