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Textbook Notes for Political Science at McGill University

MCGILLPOLI 243Mark BrawleyWinter

Andrew Moravcsik, Taking Preferences Seriously - A Liberal Theory of International Relations.docx

OC340468 Page
7 Mar 2012
Taking preferences seriously: a liberal theory of international relations (first. Thesis: this article codifies this basic liberal insight in the form
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MCGILLPOLI 211Fillippo SabettiFall

POLI 211 Berman - Civil Society Summary Notes

OC142075 Page
13 Dec 2011
Thesis: robust civil society actually contributed to the demise of the weimar democracy, contrary to neo-tocquevillists, due to structural weaknesses w
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MCGILLPOLI 354Mark BrawleyFall

The Demand for International Regimes - Robert Keohane

OC340465 Page
7 Mar 2012
We study international regimes because we are interested in understanding order in world politics. The theory of hegemonic stability is that the concen
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MCGILLPOLI 243Mark BrawleyWinter


OC3404610 Page
7 Mar 2012
Allison states three prepositions before explaining the models. Analysts think about problems of foreign and military policy in terms of largely implic
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MCGILLPOLI 227Rex BrynenWinter

POLI 227 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Modernization Theory, Conflict Theories, Authoritarianism

OC1049113 Page
31 Mar 2013
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MCGILLPOLI 340Rex BrynenFall

POLI 340 Chapter 20: Ellen Lust - The Middle East: Palestine

OC16465069 Page
15 Oct 2017
Defining palestine is a loaded task: all three major religions attach enormous importance to the region. Historic palestine: area between mediterranean
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MCGILLPOLI 221Rick SchultzFall

Power at the Apex - Donald Savoie

OC395313 Page
22 Apr 2012
Power is concentrated in hands of the pm and cabinet: hand of the pm has been considerably strengthened. 1976 election to the office of the pq gave ris
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MCGILLPOLI 340Rex BrynenFall

POLI 340 Chapter 1: Michael Gasper, “The Making of the Modern Middle East,” in Lust, ed, The Middle East

OC101451019 Page
21 Dec 2016
The making of the modern middle east chapter 1. Formation of the me begins with spread of islam in 7th c. ce. From it came the abbasid, umayyad, ottoma
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MCGILLPOLI 243Mark BrawleyWinter

POLI 243 Chapter Notes -Market Failure, Moral Hazard, Public Choice

OC620005 Page
10 Apr 2013
The theory of hegemonic stability : the view that concentration of power in one dominant state facilitates the development of strong regimes and that f
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MCGILLPOLI 227Rex J BrynenWinter

Chapter 2: Democratic Change and the Change to Democracy

OC373293 Page
18 Apr 2012
Chapter 2: democratic change and the change to democracy. Democratic transitions often grow out of extended negotiations between ongoing authoritarian
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MCGILLPOLI 227Rex BrynenWinter

Christopher Clapham - Third World State: Neo-patrimonialism, Corruption and Clientelism

OC395313 Page
17 Apr 2012
Independence gave the right to new rulers to control all instruments of the government: institutions aka states created by the regime for its own use.
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MCGILLPOLI 340Rex BrynenFall

POLI 340 Chapter 10,11,15,18,19: The Middle East

OC96687831 Page
15 May 2016
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