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Governing from the Centre - Savoie

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Governing from the Centre Donald Savoie PMs pursue initiatives without consulting their Cabinets has been happening for yearsPMs have become the spokespersons for the cabinets they are the focal point of the government and the administration and they clearly dominate inside government Provide leadership style and coherence of government No single cabinet minister can have the same impact as the PMWith a majority govt PMs have all the important levers of power Any PM weaknesses real or imagined once exposed will stimulate the opposition and media and will make everything more difficult to govern At the Cabinet table the PM sits at the middle and decides which ministers sit where The pm is the only government member to occupy an official residenceThe Canadian PMs power extends beyond the federal government Deals regularly with provincial premiers and territorial leadersPremiers are first ministers tooenables them to deal directly with the PM Contact between first ministers will inevitably draw the pm and his advisers into specific files and in government departments in search of info Federal political parties are not much more than partisan political machines providing the fundraising capacity and poll worker needed to f
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