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ER 66- Lament for a Nation (George Grant)

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

ER 66: Lament for a Nation (George Grant) • impossibility of conservatism = impossibility of Canada ◦ tried to build conservative nation in the age of progress ▪ stupid. • constitutional arrangement 1791 ◦ possible b/c of widespread determination not to become part of the great Republic ◦ Fr. + Br. realized they could only be preserved outside the US ▪ both would grant the state wider rights to control the individual than was recognized in the libertarian ideas of the US constitution • British ◦ conservatism of the Eng. speaking ppl in Atlantic colonies (Upper Canada) ◦ conservatism based on flow of trade, destined to change when the flow changed ◦ merchants don't care about Canada ▪ only in dominant nations is the loyalty of capitalists ensured ▪ interests tied to the strength and vigour of the empire ◦ Br. conservatism is less a clear view of existence than an appeal to an ill-defined past ◦ wanted to build a society with a greater sense or order and restraint than freedom-loving republicanism would allow ◦ inherited determination not to be Americans allowed these Br. ppl to come to an agreement wit the French ▪ Anglicans and Presbytarians (the English Canadians) ▪ emancipation of the passions, in US liberalism, is alien to them ▪ ethic of self-restraint looks upon utopian movements with suspicion, b/c they stem from ethic of freedom ◦ conservative nationalism expressed itself in the use of public control in the pol. and eco. spheres ▪ use more central gov't ◦ relation to the font of constitutional gov't in the British
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