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Christopher Clapham - Third World State: Neo-patrimonialism, Corruption and Clientelism

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

Third World Politics An Introduction Christopher Clapham P 3960The Third World StateIndependence gave the right to new rulers to control all instruments of the government o Institutions aka states created by the regime for its own use The states were the key to the structure of the third world politicsDistinguishing combination of power and fragility o Power is more evident o State is a structure of controlusually strongly hierarchal originating from colonial senseThird world has to maintain itself by extracting resources from the domestic economy and from tradePower over the state is the main idea creating a quest for state powerFew third world countries have been able to transform into selfsufficient bureaucracies o Cannotwill not develop into a totalitarian structure of hierarchal control because it is so readily permeated by the society in which it existsNo merging of state and society with a shared set of valuesState in its origins was the preserve of the dominant immi
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