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Chapter 1

Chapter 1- New Horizons in Arab Politics.pdf

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Political Science
POLI 340
Rex Brynen

Introduction resistant to the third wave of democratization not one electoral democracy in 2010 Arab Spring dictators uprooted Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen mass protests Bahrain, Syria emerged suddenly out of a context of apparent authoritarian stability transitional challenges to be faced no single Arab authoritarianism i.e. Qaddafi's Libya vastly different from Ben Ali's Tunisia politics gradual, interrelated changes in political, economic, and social spheres created conditions for Arab Spring events From Authoritarian Persistence to Political Change in the Arab World post-colonial independence military coup Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan civil war Lebanon, Sudan authoritarian constitutional monarchies Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait, Bahrain absolute monarchies Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE nat'l liberation movements for single-party states
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