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Domestic sources of alliances and alignments : the case of egypt - Micheal N Barnett and Jack S Levy

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Political Science
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POLI 341
Imad Mansour

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Domestic Sources of Alliances and Alignments The Case of Egypt 196273Michael N Barnett Jack S Levy Using the domestic level of analysis to evaluate international alignments and alliances specifically domestic political economy1States may face internal constraints which puts a limit on their ability to mobilize resources for their external security without affecting the interests of the elite in power Therefore they seek internal mobilization through external alignments 2Internal threats serve an incentive to seek external alliances that can protect internal resources which may be used to counter the domestic opposition Theoretical ConsiderationsArgument stems from a realist perspectiveAlliances are driven by state interest to ameliorate their security condition against potential external threats Ideologicaldomestic goals are of secondary importanceThis argument fails to emphasizeTradeoff between arms and security in states security policiesImpact of domestic economypolitical factors on tradeoffValue of alliances as sources of militaryeconomic resources and security guarantees Realists assume that security is the most important state objective it fails to consider the increasing instability of many Third World states An alliance can be formed quickly to respond to immediate threatssubsequently discarded Internal mobilization is slow while alliances can provide fundsother resources such as military expertise In turn the economy will benefit support the regime in power etc Reasons why Third World states seek an alliance as a response to an immediate threat1Lacking resources to support a military which can respond to those threats2Extraction of internal resources may weaken the strength of the economy in the long run and therefore the security of the state 3Military expenditures can undermine elites ability to maintain its ground for political support by diverting resources which may be distributed in the form of financial rewards and privileges to its coalition partners aRichard Rothstein The concern for political stability
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