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turkish - israeli rapprochement in the post cold war era - meliha altunisik turkish - israeli rapprochement in the post cold war era - meliha altunisik turkish - israeli rapprochement in the post cold war era - meliha altunisik

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Political Science
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POLI 341
Imad Mansour

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The TurkishIsraeli Rapprochement in the PostCold War Era Meliha Altunisik Increased involvement of Turkey in ME politicsNewest and more controversial aspect of new Turkish FP in postcold war is the constantly developing TurkishIsraeli relationsy Signing of a free trade agreement in 96 y Culturaleducational links accelerated y Increased security cooperation y Disturbed neighboursChange in the regional balance of power Reasons for increasing ties bw Turkey and Israel in the 90s sty 1 periodthe aftermath of the Gulf crisis to the mid90s 1 Turkey reluctant at first to emphasize politicalsecurity cooperationfocused more on economictechnicalcultural ties 2 International systemregional subsystem played a major role in determining Turkeys relation with Israel ndy 2 period mid90s to today 1 Once postcold war environment began to take shapesecurity aspect of the cooperation became dominant 2 Turkeys internal securitypolitical considerations played the primary role y Significance of the Gulf crisis 1 Opportunity for Turkey to preserve its importance for the West 2 Sided with US against Iraq3 According to zal Turkeyy had to be on the winning side to influence postwar developments in the region to be involved in ME affairs y Several reasons for closer ties bw IsraelTurkey aftermath of Gulf crisis 1 Both countries wanted to increase their strategic values in postCold War era 2 Initiation of ArabIsraeli Peace Process removed complications due to Turkish policy of uneasy balancing bw Arab countries Israel normalization of relation bw Arab countries and Israel 3 Commercial tiestourism improved during the same period 4 Turkeys disappointment with the results of its proArab policy EG not much support from the Arab state for Turkeys FP problems as the Cyprus disputeOnly limited economic ties created by oil declined in the mid80sKurdish problem water issues tension bw SyriaTurkey y How the relationship improved 1 First moveDecember 1991Turkey upgraded diplomatic relations with IsraelPLO to ambassadorial level followed by frequent high lvl visit
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