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Syria Between Two Transitions - Hisham Melhem

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Syria Between Two TransitionsHisham Melhem Two transitions 1 From statist economy to liberalization open door policy 2 State of belligerency with Israel to one of coexistence with possibility of peaceSeven Lean YearsSyria receiving aid from Arab Gulf statesstarted dropping due to reduced international demand for oilthese states were dissatisfied with Syrian support for Iran in the war with IraqIrans oil shipments to Syria with other forms of aid were not sufficient to compensate Syria for its lossesSyrias second infitah came about as a result of the economic crisis o Wanted to introduce structural changes in an inefficient public sector reduce reliance on imports promote exports liberalize trade by increasing the role of the private sector Private investment exceeded public investment Liberalizationits DiscontentsStagnation in 94Obstacles to rational economic policies resistance to additional reforms on part of some in the bureaucracy the Baath Partythe military corruptionThose advocating economic reform valued
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