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Gwenn Okruhlik - Saudi Arabain - Irananian relations : External raprochement and Internal consolidation

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Gwenn Okruhlik Saudi ArabianIranian relations External rapprochement and internal consolidationINTROy Why did Saudi Arabia risk rapprochement with an old enemy at a time of uncertainty at home y Symbolic context of relationship claim leadership of the Sunni and Shia portions of the Islamic community y Material Gulf region has majority of worlds proven resources of crude oil TWO TO TANGO y Some analyses say rapprochement began with the election of reformist Khatami in 1997 in Iran y But this is problematic because thawing started in 1991 and because it ignores that Saudi Arabia also sought rapprochement y Both Abdullah and Khatami have decided that they could benefit from moderating relations y Abdullah more closely attuned to domestic voices less tied with the US has untarnished Islamic credentials TENSIONS OVER TIME Under the Shah 1950s70s y Saudi Arabia might have implicitly recognized that the policies of shah guaranteed its stability from external threats y But it was sceptical of the shah The Iranian Islamic Revolution 1979 y Khomeini was a threat to kingdom because of his claims to divine right to rule y Contest over Islamic legitimacy as both sides claimed leadership role y 1979 takeover of th
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