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POLI 364 - Les Amis de Quatre Millions de Jeunes Travailleurs: A World Without Money

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Political Science
POLI 364
William Clare Roberts

Les AmisA World Without MoneyCommunism is a movement produced by the development and very success of the capitalist mode of production which will end by overthrowing it and giving birth to a new kind of society Human activity will never again take the form of wage labour the products of such activity will no longer be objects of commerceCommodity exchange is a link and a progress It will disappear without there being a return to barter that primitive form of exchange The logic of sharing will replace the logic of exchange Today it is more difficult to envisage a world freed from the state and commodities because these have become omnipresent But having become omnipresent they have lost their historical necessity The End of PropertyProperty does not originate in nature It is the product of a society where reign relationships of power violence and the appropriation of the labour of others Communism is
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