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Chapter 5

POLI 422 - Lieberthal, Ch. 5: The Reform Era

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Political Science
POLI 422
Juan Wang

The Reform EraChina postMao was an extremely low information system Independent sources of opinion had been suppressed and purges within the party and government had made all officials toe the official line Hukou restricted physical flow of people and therefore horizontal flow of information Censorship also played a large role in this endeavour Socialist distribution had created a highly egalitarian society Government had near complete control over economy Emphasis was on heavy industry and urban employment As a result the modest economic gains were as a result of increasing resource input rather than improvements in productivity Maos policy of autarky meant that there was almost no international trade Foreign borrowing and foreign direct investment were prohibited Contrast this to modern China which has high educational requirements for officials with enormous debate over policies both inside and outside governing institutions Economic growth is now a major if not the major political aim Direct foreign investment is the highest in the world A substantial middle class has developed and is at the forefront of the wireless communications movement It has also become more unequal Coastal areas are experiencing growth much faster than the interior Corrupt officia
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