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POLI 422 - Lieberthal: Status of Women in Post-Dengist Refo..
POLI 422 - Lieberthal: Status of Women in Post-Dengist Reforms

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Political Science
POLI 422
Juan Wang

LieberthalStateSociety Relations Under The ReformsGenderWomen had been one of the most oppressed groups under traditional Confucian societyCommunist revolution empowered women in several waysnew marriage laws that made divorce easiercollective structures weakened extended families which had facilitated male dominationemployment practicessuch as granting wages directly to women rather than to the male head of householdincreased the leverage women had in the familyurban women received benefits such as pension rights nurseries and maternity leaveHowevermale chauvinism remained deeply embedded in the Chinese psychefemale politicians held very little to no powerwomen still received lower wage compensation women were assumed to be unable to do the quantity and quality of work that male counterparts could accomplishwomen in rural settings often had to stay while male relatives left to seek higherpaying jobsFol
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