ER 11- "Not Derived from the People"- Letter from the Fathers of Confederation to the British Colonial Secretary (Alexander Galt)

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Published on 21 Apr 2013
ER 11: "Not Derived from the People": Letter from the Fathers of
Confederation to the British Colonial Secretary (Alexander Galt)
points out that Confederation differs from US
Federal Gov't
appointed by Queen
Upper House (Senate)
elected upon terr. basis of rep.
House of Assembly
elected on basis of pop.
Executive composed of ministers responsible to the
customs, excise, trade in general
baking and currency
public works
criminal justice
public lands
public debt
indian territories
general revenue (tax)
expense of collection and civil gov't
subject to the payment of interest of public debts of each Confed.
certain fixed contribution for educational and judicial purposes, until that
stud is sorted out
Confederation vs. US
not derived "from the people" but a constitution provided by the imperial
allows us to remedy defects, something almost impossible in the
US const.
not allowing state to act as sovereign entity
distribution of revenue means each province has direct interest in the
preservation of the authority of the fed. gov't
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