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POLI 222 Chapter Notes -Harold Cardinal

Political Science
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POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

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ER 32: The Unjust Society (Harold Cardinal)
The Buckskin Curtain
The Indian-Problem Problem
white man's disinterest, deliberate trampling of Indian rights, betrayal of their
program offering nothing better than cultural genocide
disguised program of extermination through assimilation
gov't, instead of acknowledging what it owes them and honouring the treaties,
proposes to get rid of them
colonial, brutal, tyrannical conditions
general indifference and massive accumulation of misdirected efforts by
betrayal of trust, erosion of rights, atrophy of culture, robbery of human dignity
As Long as the Rivers Run…
With Forked Tongue
the white man continues to speak with forked tongue
they no longer believe the gov't
too many betrayals
the treaties, to the Indians, represent an Indian Magna Carta
entered into negotiations honourably, in good faith
talked with gov't reps as men with something to offer in return for the
rights they expected
gov't just took the land, thinking it belonged to them
to them, there can be no justice, no society, until their rights are restored
forfeiture of rights is forfeiture of identity
federal gov't trying to pass the buck to prov. gov't, who don't have to fulfill the
treaties b/c they never signed treaties with them
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