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Chapter 10

PSYC 211 Chapter 10

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PSYC 211
Yogita Chudasama

CHAPTER 10REPRODUCTIVE BEHAVIORB HORMONAL CONTROL OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR hormones also affect the behavior by interacting with the nervous systemHORMONAL CONTROL OF FELAMLE REPRODUCTIVE CYCLESMenstrual cyclefemale reproductive cycle on most primate charac by growth of the lining of the uterus dev of corpus luteum and menstruationmenstrual and estrous cycle are controlled bythe pituitary gland and ovaries These two interactsecretion of gonadotropins by pituitary gland This stimulates the growthof ovarian follicles as these mature they secrete oeastradiol and increasing level of estradiol leads to a release of surge of LH LH surge causes ovulationthe ovarian follicle rupturesrelases the ovum Under continued influence of LH the ruptured follicle becomes a corpus luteum yellow body which produces estradiol and PROGESTERONE promotes pregnancy maitains the linign of the uterus inhibits the production of another folliclewhen enters the fallopian tube and meets a spermwill become fertilized and attach to the uterine wallHORMONAL CONTROL OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOR OF LAB ANIMALS1 MALESsexual behaviorintromission pelvic thrusting rythmic mvmnt of the hindquarters causing genital friction ejaculationhormones playing a role in sex behaviortestorterone oxytocin released at time of the orgasm in both male and female and appears to contribute to the contraction of the smooth muscle in the male ejucalatory system of the vagina and uterus Plays a role also inestablishment of pair bonding2 FEMALESsexual behavior of most mammals other than hogher primates depends on gonadal hormones present duringestrusestradiol and progesteronein ratsE increases 40h before the female becomes receptive And before becoming receptive the corpus luteum begins secreting large quantities of Povariectomized rodents are not receptive need to P E to restore it If dont have P or E receptors then are not receptiveto restore receptiveness have to introduce first E and then Pit increases receptivity proceptivity female eagerness to copulate attractiveness physio and behavioral changes that affect the malemale rat feel more attracted to a female in estrus and doesnt respond to an ovariectomized femaleORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTS OF ANDROGENS ON BEHAVIORMASCULINIZATION AND DEFEMINIZATION if a rodents brain is not exposed to androgens during a critical period of dev will behave as a femalebehavioral defeminizationorganizational effects of androgens that prevents the animal from displaying female sexual behavior in adulthood This effect is acocmplished by suppressing the development of neural circuits controlling female sexual behavior
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