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Textbook Notes for Psychology at McGill University

MCGILLPSYC 100Oliver Michael Hardt Fall

PSYC 100 Midterm: study notes for chapter1 and lecture 1

OC252043417 Page
3 Oct 2018
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MCGILLPSYC 215Mark BaldwinFall

Chapters 1-8 for midterm

OC35758040 Page
17 Nov 2014
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MCGILLPSYC 328Barbarel KnapeurFall

PSYC 328 Chapter All: PSYC 328 - Notes.docx

OC32577083 Page
22 Jan 2015
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MCGILLPSYC 180Amir RazWinter

PSYC 180 Chapter Notes -Rorschach Test, Illusory Correlation, Graphology

OC4142611 Page
8 May 2012
How to think straight about psychology textbook notes. Freud"s methods of investigation are unrepresentative of how modern psychs conduct their researc
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MCGILLPSYC 328Blaine DittoFall

PSYC328 Textbook.docx

OC81069200 Page
12 Sep 2013
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MCGILLPSYC 215John LydonFall

PSYC 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Explanatory Style, Dispositional Attribution, Covariance

OC752386 Page
22 Nov 2012
Explaining behavior attribution theory people assign causes to the events around them and the effects that people"s causal assessments have. An umbrell
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MCGILLPSYC 215John LydonWinter

Chapter 10.docx

OC693027 Page
13 Apr 2013
Challenges with studying relationships: many studies are not true experiments with random assignment. Western cultures define themselves as independent
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MCGILLPSYC 215Mark BaldwinFall

PSYC 215 Chapter all lecture notes: Social Psychology

OC51192755 Page
6 Aug 2015
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MCGILLPSYC 332Richard KoestnerSpring

PSYC 332 Chapter 1-5: The Art and Science of Personality Development

OC1401892103 Page
20 Apr 2018
There is a sense in which every human life is a work of art: the product of the artist"s labor is a unique form. Every human life is profoundly shaped
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MCGILLPSYC 211Kevin Francis CaseyWinter

PSYC 211 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-2: Motor Neuron, Unipolar Neuron, Cerebral Hemisphere

OC31640120 Page
24 Mar 2015
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MCGILLPSYC 215John LydonFall

PSYC 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Parental Investment, Seminary, Stanley Milgram

OC1353811 Page
9 Dec 2012
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MCGILLPSYC 215John LydonFall

PSYC 215 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Elaboration Likelihood Model, Beautiful Music, Logical Reasoning

OC752386 Page
22 Nov 2012
Functions of attitudes attitudes guide behaviors (less powerfully than most people suspect: there are four functions of attitudes besides this, utilita
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