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part II - chapter 1 & 4

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Part II Themes in Canadas Geography Chapter 1Chapter 4SocialDemographic Trends what is social geography o Geography study of spatial patternsprocesses o Social culture ethnicity demography welfare o The geography of human conditionsome important characteristicstrends of Canadas social gepgraphy o population1991273M 200130M2006316M 2009335 M o urban ppltn200680 urban 20 rural o doubling time 116 years o crude birth rate 11100 o crude death rate 81000 o life expectancy women 83 yearsmale783 years Regional variation in LE malefemale o British Columbia812 years o Ontario 81 years o Nunavut72 years o Yukon 77 years o NWT 78 yearsQuestion why does LE vary from region to regionImmigration o Annual number of immmigrants avg 1990s225000 o By 2006 nearly 20 of total ppltn were born outside Canada o Provincial destinations of immigrantsOntario50Quebec20BC15Immigrant Origins p 145149 o See fig 44 45 46o See table 411 412 o Note changing pattern of immigrant originsSpatial distribution of Canadas Ppltn o Ecumenesettledinhabiteddeveloped part of a country where people live o See Fig 41 th South of 49 parallel7275 of ppltnBetween 4954 degrees27 of ppltn
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