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McMaster University
Social Sciences
David Penner

January 24, 2012 Controversial • Sexist and racist to white males • Stigma that women and minorities were hired not because they were qual;ified • Treating people as a group and not as individuals • Were hired for typical women jobs • Being a carpenter (a traditional male job) pays better than a nurse gets paid • Is one of these jobs more important than another? Require more training? • The argument that these are equally important • Also nurses are a little more valuable • Why teachers are paid less? Is it because its not a valued position? Or because it’s dominated by women? • For example from the article someone who works in a liquor store at night gets paid more than a teacher • The human rights act gives more attention to teachers and that is why in Canada teachers get paid more here than in the states • Employers cannot be gender specific • There is this movement by people like us • The legislation is there but it needs to be put into movement • Women who continue to go into “womanly” jobs should be paid equally • A women’s job should not be relegated to a low paying job Loans and credits • Important aspect for women • Previously closed to women because of a lack of equity • Initiatives in Canada started to make arrangement possible for more women • Initiatives have been made by the Canadian government to get loans and start their own companies Being a mother • At one time: have a job, get pregnant loose a job, or get divorced and have kids with no job • Policies have been put into place to address these issues • Post birth care • Parental leave • Different in Quebec • If you got divorced and had children the costs and the negotiations were difficult for women the 20 century • The incentive was to stay in bad marriages until a legislation was made to support women • Getting divorced previously was a struggle • You had to take care of your children and go to work • Day cares was not plentiful at the time • The continued guilt of women who want to stay wi
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