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Communist Manifesto

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SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

Marx the communist manifestoManifestoGrowing reputation for its power and insightBecame the primary statement of how and why the revolutionary workers movement in western Europe would succeed in transforming society into a more egalitarian equal social formationUsed by disadvantaged repressed and exploited groups as blueprint for social changeUsed by communists to verify policies and decisionsInterpretation of historyUsed by socialism and communism to see what is wrong in those movements at a time of industrializationCaptures dynamics of market societies as they were becoming dominant in western Europe Expresses essential dynamic of modern industrial capitalist societyRepresents 3 high points in Marxs life 1 Arrived at fundamental solutions to major theoretical and philosophical issuesIdentified the key factors that would provide insight into societies and their dynamic aspects of the material world that could be used to improve human condition2Represents the victory of Marxs intellectual vision in the political terms Drew together all the work he had been slaving over 3Marx was able to demonstrate hill skill and craft as a revolutionary writerImportance he placed on the working class and consciousnessProvide workers with a moving and motivating understanding of their reality and their role in history and inspire them to take actionCapture the image of modernity Manifesto emerged as a result of Personal biographies Marx Engel History of social structure Britain France Germany And the types of women and men and political associations prevailing at that time all played important roles A product of debate struggle negotiation and compromise The bourgeoisie was a revolutionary class that radically transformed society as it rose to dominanceTradition magic of religion no longer structure social relationships Unrestricted trade dominated production interpersonal trade and social structure as a wholeBourgeoisie demonstrate the power of industrial market based productionMost important revolutionary change by the bourgeoisie was the change of theo Instruments of productiono The relations of production ando The whole relation of society
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