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SOCY 306
Ryan Martin

Modern SocietyThis society has created a system of objects whose purpose is economicObjects are in a system of exchange which gives them status and powerObjects are taken over by commodity form o Imposes a general form and social and cultural relations o Disgintuishes contemporary world of objects from the past o Anything can be a commodity nowConsumptionUtilization of economic resources for the satisfaction of human need and want through the purchase of goods and servicesRise in consumotion due to historical shift from issues of survival and need to wants and desireCommodification o Turning things into goods and commodities o Turning services ideas into a commodity Shapes consumersCapitalist ModernityCulture of consumption grew with the growth of capitalismNew desires for consumer goods drove the industrial revolutionHigh demand exceed the supply availableConsumer revolution o Innovations in the tastes and preferences of demanding classesExpansion of capitalist industry was a response to cultural and social expectations for consumer goods increase in consumer demandMarxProduction and consumption lead to alienation o Both are interrelated processesConsumptiono The product is subject to distribution and exchange o But it becomes an object or servant of human need o Consumption is where goods become objects of gratification o Consumption reproduces needConsumption could not exist without productionProduction is based off need
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